Cross-Domain Application Architecture

We work in the critical niche of end-to-end architecture of Cross-Domain Solutions.  Our approach is to:

  • Develop every solution in a modular and reusable fashion
  • Always focus on the end-to-end purpose of the information system
  • Design for evolution since requirements are always in flux
  • Test with both simple and full-featured software-only implementations as well as actual controlled interface hardware
  • Use unit, integration, and regression test suites to allow flexible accreditation focused on changes to the baseline.

Key features are:

  • Application-oriented approach to CDS
  • Enable flexible accreditation and renewal
  • Use multiple types of automated testing
  • Ensure modularity and plug-ability

    SPIRE: Smart Policing Intelligence and REsourcing

    We implement Intelligence-Led and Predictive Policing tools.  Our strategy is focused on the critical interface between a Law Enforcement agency’s field work and its ability to exploit it digitally.  Our approach has three mutually-supporting thrusts:

    • Hands-on Process Migration: Build and deploy mission data capture and management apps for underserved functions, such as special case management, warrants, and activity tracking.
    • Agency-Wide Information Standardization: Propagate data standards across the agency gradually and organically based on end-user desire to use the new data management tools.
    • Intra- and Inter-Departmental Information Sharing: Aggregate captured information in an
      Agile Data Hub, then serve it up with powerful lightweight tools to all mission users and partners with fine-grained permission management.

    Some key benefits are:

    • Solve more crimes by exploiting activity data
    • Prevent terrorism through aligning interests
    • Protect the community using granular evidence